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Limescale removal

The lack of a regular maintenance and cleaning programme for glass allows minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron or silicates to accumulate on the surface of the glass.

There are two solutions to remove these stains: the replacement of the glass or the use of specific products in the hands of qualified professionals. Obviously, the use of specific top quality products and a specific action protocol is a more economical solution than replacing the damaged or deteriorated glass. At Limpiezas PCO we are experts in this type of solution and for this reason we have the best products on the market and the most specialised professionals.

The removal of limescale... in depth

How does the cleaning system work?

A chemical/acid product capable of removing stains is used together with a polishing machine.

To avoid scratching the glass the product has very small particles. The selection of the correct product is vital: if the particles are of an unsuitable size or the product is intended for hand cleaning, the result may be temporary or even fail to remove the limescale or other minerals that leave a white appearance.

Furthermore, the product we use is environmentally friendly and is specially designed for machine glass polishing.

Where can it be applied?

It can be applied on windows, shower doors, car windscreens, boats, table tops and many more.

Is this treatment sufficient to achieve a permanent cleaning of the glass?

It is also recommended to apply a hydrophobic solution after this step, in order to keep the glass cleaner for a longer period of time.


For much less than you think, you can get the best solution to permanently remove limescale from your windows.

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