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Work & PCO is a domain owned by the cleaning company Work&PCO.

We are a company specialised in window cleaning with more than 15 years of experience. In order to obtain the best results, all our employees are specialised in this type of cleaning, with highly specialised training.

Our clients include hotel chains such as Ibis Hoteles or AC Hoteles or shops such as Naf Naf, Fosco or Calvo y Munar.

Technical resources

In order to achieve long-lasting cleaning, top quality products and specific systems are used, such as Osmoglass high-pressure osmosis water equipment (produces osmosis water – up to 250 l/hour).

Our equipment allows us to clean non-porous surfaces, curtain or glass walls, glass buildings, signs, canopies, everything that is non-porous.

We are leaders in the handling of this equipment, and all their poles, 20m, 15m, 8m. Our star brand in poles is Unger.

The cleaning equipment we use treats the drinking water from any tap to achieve pure 000 ppm water. This is the success of the system, as it does not have any properties, this water does not crush, on the contrary it cleans, the treated water passes through the pole and makes a final journey to the brush, the union of the brush and the pure water leaves the crystals clean of impurities.

In fact, due to our experience in cleaning windows, our equipment has a regulated dosing pump, which adds detergent according to the need. The process is similar to washing a glass, we soap and rinse, but with a premise that the water being pure 000 ppm, leaves no dirt and the end result is shiny glass.

In addition, for specialised cleaning such as limescale removal or hydrophobic solutions, we use nanotechnology products or exclusive solutions. We invite you to visit our services section to find out more about each solution in detail. We make a daily effort to offer the client a satisfactory solution using the best technical means and the best professionals.


For much less than you think, you can get the best solution to permanently remove limescale from your windows.

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