The lack of a regular program of maintenance and window cleaning allows minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron or silicates accumulate on the surface of the glass.


Order to eliminate these spots there are two solutions: the replacement of glass or the use of specific products in the hands of professionals. Obviously, the use of specific quality and specific action protocol is a cheaper solution than replacing the glass damaged or deteriorated. In PCO Cleaning are experts in this type of solution and therefore we have the best products and more specialized professionals.

Check the results you can achieve:

How does the cleaning system?

It uses a chemical / acid capable of removing stains with a polisher.

To avoid scratching the glass product has very small particles. The correct selection of a product is vital: if the particles are of a size not suitable or the product is meant for cleaning by hand, the result can be temporary or not even get to remove the lime or other minerals that leave the white appearance.

Furthermore, the product we use is environmentally friendly and is specially designed for glass polishing machines.

Where can I apply?

It can be applied on windows, shower doors, windshields of cars, boats, glass table tops and many more.

Do this treatment to achieve sufficient cleaning windows permanently?

It is also recommended after finishing this step to make a hydrophobic solution, in order to maintain the glass clean even longer.